Castle of Monreale
Castle of Monreale

The Castle of Monreale is about 5km from Sardara and our B&B.

It was built around the twelfth or thirteenth century A.D., on the ruins of an ancient Nuragic settlement that was also occupied in the Punic and Byzantine age. In Sardinia, it is the only one to have, in addition to a restored fortified tower, eight towers and all the surrounding walls, with a thickness of more than two meters and about one km length, which encloses the ruins of the entire old village.

Today, the old castle can be reached by taking a dirt road, with the final stretch recently paved.

When weather is good, from the Castle you can even see Capo Frasca (near Pistis Beach), about 30 km from Sardara as the crow flies.

If you want to visit the Castle, feel free to ask us because Google maps directions are not complete.

Castle of Monreale Map