Thermal Baths and Wellness
Thermal Baths and Wellness

Thermal Baths and wellness centers are located about 3km from the town of Sardara and our B&B.

The Sardara spas have been known and famous from ancient times, especially in the epoch of the Roman Empire. The king of the Giudicato of Arborea, Ugone II, was a regular guest to cure his gout. In the spa town around 1200 the Gothic church was built (on pre-existing architecture probably dating back to the first centuries of the Christian era), the heart of the cult towards the Madonna.

To escape the barbarian raids, the inhabitants of Villa Abbas took refuge in Sardara, but first they hid the statue of the Madonna in the ruins of the ancient Roman baths. At the end of the incursions, the simulacrum of the virgin was found near a thermal spring. For this reason the Madonna was called "Santa Maria ad Aquas".

The Madonna was brought back to the spa resorts, but was later transferred to Sardara to avoid any theft. However, every year the Madonna was brought to the spa resorts once a year for the feast.

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